Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Flocabulary is a fun Web 2.0 site for education that I've mentioned a few times on my blog.  This is a great site for introducing or reviewing a subject/concept.  The way this works is through innovative animated videos (or as Flocabulary puts it "Educational Hip-Hop"), that helps students learn through visual and auditory means.  Also, Flocabulary has over 700 videos, interactive activities, and online assessments.

Also, there are some great features that make Flocabulary perfect for the classroom.  For example, the lyrics of each song are displayed below the video and are interactive filled w/ words that are hot-linked to explore in more detail.  The lyrics can also be downloaded or printed out.  Best of all, are the lessons that are included w/ each video to help students reinforce their learning on each topic.

I highly recommend checking out Flocabulary by clicking here!!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Timelinely is a new (beta) site for editing YouTube videos that I found out about from Larry Ferlazzo's blog.  Timelinely easily lets users take a YouTube video and add comments, images, annotations and more.  This is a great way to personalize a video and can even be used for digital storytelling.

I highly recommend checking out Timelinely by clicking here!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Edcite is an innovative site for creating digital assignments that I learned about from Monica Burns excellent blog.  Edcite allows educators to create digital assignments/quizzes from over 60 different question types (i.e. drag-n-drop, short answer, matching, etc.).  Best of all, Edcite can automatically grade student responses in real-time and generates detailed reports which allows teachers to differentiate instruction.

Below is a brief demo...

I highly recommend checking out Edcite by clicking here!!!

BoomWriter Summer Camps

Summer is almost here and BoomWriter's Virtual Summer Camps are right around the corner and a soon to be reality for educators!!! This is an excellent solution for teachers looking to make some extra money over the summer (from the comfort of their own home) using BoomWriter's innovative collaborative writing tool.

More info below...

BoomWriter is a site that I’ve written about many times because it lets elementary, middle, and high school teachers conduct engaging nonfiction, fiction, and vocabulary development group-writing activities in almost any subject area. But their new offering is not just another product- it’s a chance for teachers to completely change how they make money (and relax) over the summer!

BoomWriter announced a while back, that they are developing The BoomWriter Virtual Summer Camp to create engaging, flexible, and profitable experiences for teachers as they work to make extra money over the summer. Teachers can make upwards of $1,200 per week with their camp by facilitating online instruction and writing activities for campers in Grades 4-9 using BoomWriter’s easy to use group writing site.

At $0 cost to teachers, BoomWriter will provide the curriculum, camper sign-up web page, and everything else needed to run a camp, so all teachers have to do is recruit students from their own schools or learning communities to participate. Educators can run as many sessions as they want from wherever they want and truly become their own boss on their own schedule.

Register for their mailing list to receive more information and updates to get you ready for Summer of 2018. BoomWriter is a free site that keeps finding new and better ways to support teachers through technology, and The BoomWriter Virtual Summer Camp is no exception!

I highly recommend checking out BoomWriter Virtual Summer Camps by clicking here!!!

View a sample Virtual Summer Camp "splash page" by clicking here.

Below is a brief video...

Also, check out the BoomWriter community to engage w/ other educators about their summer camps as well as other ways to incorporate BW into their curriculum by clicking here!!!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Math Leaper

Math Leaper is a fun free iOS app for Math grades PreK-8th.  The object is to jump higher and higher while answering questions correctly and collection power-ups while avoiding slime.  Math Leaper focuses on lots of different areas such as: addition, multiplication, algebra, etc and has detailed
progress reports.

I highly recommend checking out Math Leaper by clicking here!!!

Social Story Videos by Storyboard That

Storyboard That is an amazing learning tool that educators around the world are using for digital storytelling, timelines, storyboards, graphic organizers, and more.  Recently, they announced their latest way to use Storyboard That and that is to create innovative Social Story Videos.

Below is a brief demo sample...

Click here for a great list of digital story ideas by Storyboard That.

Create your own stories by clicking here!!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


RoomRecess is one of my all time favorite sites for finding a wide variety of educational online games.  This is a great place for finding games in subjects such as: Math, Reading, Keyboarding, and more. These games are designed for students K-5 and are easy to play w/ high replay value.  Educators can find lots of useful free games that will help reinforce skills (i.e. Typing, Spelling, Basic Math Skills)

I highly recommend checking out RoomRecess by clicking here!!!

Below is a demo video...

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